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Palo Santo Clear Quartz bundle


Palo Santo Clear Quartz bundle

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The healing power of Organic Essential Oils & Clear Quartz combine to support the seven Chakras & promote mind, body, spirit healing. Activates & aligns all Chakras to clear & cleanse negativity. This calming blend aids in amplifying intention & improving memory. Apply to pulse points, chakras, or reflexology points for aromatic upliftment. Great to use in combo with yoga, meditation, & breathing exercises.


Palo Santo - Wood of the Saints - Holy Wood

Palo Santo essential oil comes from a tree that belongs to the same family (Burseraceae) as frankincense and myrrh. It is a middle note and has a sweet, woody and slightly fruity aroma. It’s among the best oils to use via direct palm inhalation for its clearing and inspiring properties. It has settling, calming and grounding qualities, thus making it a great ally for maintaining emotional equanimity, as well as a superb oil for spiritual upliftment. Palo Santo Oil is known to be helpful for anxiety, emotional trauma and depression

Palo Santo’s many Benefits:

*Spiritual purifying and energy cleansing

*Inspiring creativity and bringing love and good fortune

*Bringing a deeper connection to the divine source

*Physical healing

*Energetic protection and the removal of negativity Joint Pain


*General Aches And Pains











*Immune System Support


*Respiratory Infections

*Circulatory Stimulant

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