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Botanical Peppermint


Botanical Peppermint

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Rejuvenate your skin and your spirit with our Botanical Peppermint scrub

Benefits of Using Herbal Body Scrub

Vitamin E and other anti-oxidants are in sufficient quantity in a herbal body scrub. In addition, there are natural exfoliating properties, so this body scrub gets skin cleaned and the skin becomes soft and beautiful.

A pinch of Peppermint was added for a more therapeutic aromatherapy 

When you use completely pure, therapeutic essential oil, you don’t just get the benefit of smell, you also get other benefits as well.  

Peppermint essential oil can help you feel more alert, support your respiratory system, help support your sinuses, it can help with occasional head trouble, it can soothe your skin, help when your muscles feel fatigued and it can also be uplifting and energizing.  

I love that you can get all these benefits and a wonderful smell